holonomic drive/ mecanum wheels

Before I loaded the 2011 labview software to my computer I saw the holonomic drive vi example, but with the 2011 labview I can no longer find the vi. I am attempting to program mecanum wheels and have heard that I should use the holonomic drive vi, if someone has something better than this I would appreciate it, or if someone has the location of the vi. This is my teams first year using mecanum and we would also appreciate any tips people have on using mecanum wheels.

It’s in the RobotDrive functions subpalette. If you don’t see it, you might not have installed the LabVIEW software update properly.

I think I was mis understood, I am looking for the vi example. Not the programming block.

I do not see one but it isn’t much different from an arcade or tank drive (with using the VI given) aside from that instead of 2 axes you need 3 axes (from the joystick). Your X value goes to the x your Y value goes to your y and your 3rd axis goes to the rotation. After that you just need to test to see that everything is going the right direction by firing up the robot and running it.

I don’t see an x and y spot on the holonomic drive, it has magnitude, direction, and rotation. should it be like this?

Robot Main.vi (15.6 KB)

Robot Main.vi (15.6 KB)

You’re looking at the polar version. Switch to the Cartesian version.


I hooked it up to servos and it worked thanks