Holonomic Drive Videos

I have a favor to ask. We have a meeting this afternoon, and I am stuck at work until then with no access to Youtube.

I need a good video that shows a holonomic drive moving in all directions, even better if it shows the robot rotating as it translates. We want to have a good video to show to students who have never seen this type of drive, so they can consider it while deciding on a drive train type.

Bonus (imaginary) points if the video is of an FRC robot.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help.


Assuming you mean 4 omnis at 90* to each other (45* to frame), 2587 in 2011 is the best example I can think of with videos out.

The type of drive does not actually matter to me, just that it is capable of XY Translation, and simultaneous rotation. Most of our students have never seen anything other than Tank, or Ackerman Style steering. Just looking to open their eyes to some other options.

Here is one holonomic with omni wheels:
Here is one with swerve drive:
Here are mecanum wheels