Holonomic Drive with one joystick

Has anyone here implemented Holonomic Drive with one Joystick here?

We tried HolonomicDrive(stick->GetMagnitude(),stick->GetDirectionRadians(), 0);
(also with degrees)

and didn’t get a drivable robot… inverting the motors didn’t help either…

We eventually got an Arcade Drive equivalent using the holonomic drive function with:
HolonomicDrive(-stick->GetGetX(),0, stick->GetGetY());

How are you implementing the Holonomic Drive with one joystick? Help is very appreciated!

3 axis joy stick (ie side to side, front to back, and twist). if u dont have a 3 axis joystick then u cannot use only one joystick. you must use two joysticks and have one of the axes on the second be twist.
3 axis joystick: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/gaming/joysticks/devices/291&cl=us,en

we have that joystiq: can you please give us the line of code to make that joystick work with holonomicdrive?

HolonomicDrive(joystick->GetMagnitude(), joystick->GetDirectionRadians(), joystick->GetZ());

Be careful on the GetZ parameter to make sure that’s the correct axis you want for the “twist”. On my Microsoft SideWinder joystick, the “Twist” is Z. It may be different on your joystick.