Holonomic Omniwheel Drive Train - correcting for error/slippage?

We’ve decided on omniwheels this year. Our programming team right now is just trying to figure out, as the title says, how to correct for any error or slipping when driving around in the match? Would I be using the gyro or something? For example, when the robot drives there’s a chance that a wheel may slip, causing it to be out of line with all the other wheels which messes up everything. Just looking for a solution to this as I haven’t been able to think of anytthing on my own or find anything useful on here or reddit.

Using omni differential, you will never detect slippage of the robot to the left or right with encoders on those wheels. You can do one (or more) of several things. These come to mind:

  • Add a “follower” wheel. This would likely be an omni wheel mounted perpendicular to the drive wheels, with an encoder mounted. If you are not going to drive it, you only need a few pounds of weight on it.
  • Intertial methods, sketchier to better:
    • Monitor the accelerometer for left-right motion and integrate.
    • Add a gyroscope.
    • Get an IMU (e.g. the Pigeon or NavX)