Holonomic trajectory Characterization

I am working on kinematics and associated code and have found good resources on how to code it for differential drives. However, our team is use using a mecanum drive, which resources I have found do not account for the extra degree of freedom that it grants. I have been able to use the docs for most elements, but there are no resources on how to generate paths for these types of Drives. Does anyone have advice on how to generate trajectories?

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Try path planner!

Unfortunately, the WPILib suite for trajectory generation and following was designed for differential drive rather than holonomic drives. Like you said, this results in underutilizing your robot’s ability to rotate independently of translation.

As the other reply says, PathPlanner is your best bet here. It’s a community made GUI & library (PathPlannerLib) for generating and consuming trajectories with 1st class holonomic drive support. My team and many others who run holonomic drives (usually swerve) have really enjoyed using it.

If you’re interested in on-the-fly trajectory generation (ex. seeking cargo with a vision system) you won’t be able to use PathPlanner, but there are other solutions available.

Thank you for the link. This looks like exactly what I needed. I appreciate the prompt response.

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