Holy possible overbooking for team social at UTC Regional Batman!!!!

I know that last year at the UTC Hartford Regional, the team “social” was held at the Expo Center right next door Friday night.

I see also, that there is a team “social” scheduled again this year.

But, I also happened to catch an advertisement for THIS on TV.
This kind of means that if the team “social” is scheduled the same place as it was last year, that we have to either share the expo center with the Log Home crew, or maybe the team social is not happening at the CT Expo Center.

If that is the case, then where is it???
Surely it is not being held in The Meadows itself??

Anybody on the planning commitee at UTC have any information to put my mind at ease on this topic??
I’m not personally worried, but I think this may need to be resolved before you have a bunch of people showing up if it is an oversight!!

I hope your team is interested in owning a log home :smiley:

Silly Elgin! People in Log Houses really know how to party!

(Its the people in glass houses that are no fun)

With a log house convention going on, its the traffic / parking that I would be worried about! Think of the millions the show will draw!



That would be cool if they had a concert for us at UTC in the meadows. Or somthing like that. But that would never happen anyway…

Places as large as the Expo Center will probably be able to share.

…what, were you sad now that you cut off your lumberjack beard that you couldn’t go visit the Log House thingy? :wink:

{Note to self: Email concert committee and tell them to disband – according to Ben they are wasting their time…}

I highly doubt you could “share” the expo center. It may be large but really it is just one LARGE room and if you devided it, you know that enevidibly(sp.) that people would still manage to wonder over to the other side, whether it be lumber jacks for the grub or FIRSTers for the … wood I guess?(yeah, kinda an oximoron but some teams do it, and kudos to them)?

Well, maybe they’ll be done by then…what time’s the social? 5?
yeh, seriously, how long can you talk about log homes?? 10 minutes?

…well, anyway, that’s pretty screwed up

See the trouble I started… :rolleyes:

I was PM’ed by a fellow surfer of CD and told that everything is ok.
Can’t tell you more than that though… Sorry!! I was sworn to secrecy! :wink:
It’ll be all good though, rest assured…

dont you know anything?.. Log Homes are the way of the future. All FIRST is to me is a way to get away from the every day pressures of planning a new Log Home city in the heart of Wisconsin. Log Home’rs from around the globe will be able to come and rejoice in the company of others who love to sit around a fire drinking cocoa on a warm summer night in their wooden house.

I dunno, I watched a video about how log homes are built. It was very interesting.
I wanna meet the guy who sells log houses. He has to be good.

ooh, do we get to have the team social in the log houses? A food cabin, a music cabin… and some other cabins with purposes that I can’t think of…
It’ll be awesome. we’ll have axe throwing contests, log chopping contests, and all the jerky you can eat. I think I can eat a lot of jerky.

HEY I LIKE MY WOODEN ROBOT THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! LOL. This year RAGE is giving out an award at each competition for the best wooden robot too.

So, if I throw a toothpick on our robot, do we qualify for that award?? :rolleyes: j/k

According to one of the FIRST scorekeepers on the field…For the team party they will be taking out the middle part of the field and set up something there. The rest of the stuff will be set up all around inside the venue where the concessions were today.

Hey we owe a lot of our terminology and and technology to log home builders - Computer engineers had their roots in log home construction

stand around and watch them build one of those homes sometime!

Forman: OK - Log on - good! Log on! Good! Log on again - Wait! LOG OFF LOG OFF!

whos got the misquito net? how does this network?

wait this logs not straight - Ill try booting it! (kicks log) - nope still off, Ill try re-booting!

wheres the keys to the crane? they’re suppose to be on the keyboard!

You really have to look at this from another stand point. Having log homes there is great…just sit on the roof and get a really good view of the field! :stuck_out_tongue:

By all means I must say what they had was definatly better then a log home expo or any past socials. My only problem might have been teh food with having only one line for the masses :ahh: , one serving :rolleyes: and no choice :frowning: But other than that I thought the hypno guy was nifty

yeh, i dunno. I wasn’t happy with the food…
I guess some people had problems with it being a friday in lent, when you aren’t supposed to eat meat and another student and I are vegetarians, so finding food was annoying.

Really? They didn’t have any vegetarian alternatives? I’m surprised.

I didn’t think that the food was that bad, and the awesome social, comedian, and Hypnotist surely would have made up for any problems anyway.That was probably the most fun I’ve ever had doing something that didn’t involve log homes.