Holy Summer Box Office Batman.

These pat few weeks have been nuts for the box office and those few unfortunate enough (including myself) who have to work in one.

For the past three weeks in a row the #1 move has grossed more than $90 million. That’s INSANE considering that its rare that any movie grosses more than 90 mill in its first two maybe three weeks.

Weekend of May 21st= Shrek 2: $104 Million :ahh:
Weekend of May 28th: Shrek 2: $93 Million, Day after Tomorrow: $86 Million
Weekend of June 4th: Harry Potter 3: $93 Million.

Those numbers are insane…if you include this past weekends numbers that makes Shrek 2 number 14 on the all time box office list…and it’s only its THIRD week! If this is any omen of whats to come this summer than it doesn’t look good for theater employees.

What are your thoughts on the matter? (i’d be espically interested on the views of people working behind the stands at theaters.)

i still need to see shrek 2… :frowning:

i think the summer really is going to be crazy, especially in the beginning when all the people (like me) who have wanted to see some of these blockbusters but have been too busy finally have free time!

I dunno, I’d say it was good for theater employees. It means they’ll have jobs!

WOOOOHHOOOOOO!!! Shrek 2 beat Harry Potter on money made during opening weekend!!! :smiley:

It’s all because of Puss in Boots!

PRAY FOR MERCY!!! http://portfolio.iu.edu/dckelly/aim_puss.gif

Well, with a new Spielberg/Hanks Film coming out in July, and a lot of other good looking movies (Spiderman 2, Dodgeball, Anchorman), I think that this should continue. If anything, this is a good sign for our nation’s economy, that people now seem to have more money to spend than ever. Either that, or its because of the overpriced tickets/food :frowning:

Excatly the problem. When there arn’t people there, they get to just hang out. All these people cause work.


I find enormous glee in the words, “Sorry, but Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The IMAX Experience is sold out tonight. And tomorrow. And Saturday.”

Maybe I’m just evil.

Ah, finally someone after my own heart. It’s such a good feeling to be able to tell someone, especially those “hoighty toighty” teenagers, that the movie is sold out. Then they’re like “are you joking?” and for once I’d like to reply “yes i’m joking, i really have 20 seats left”