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Ever since I was younger Ive loved working with tools put being on a FIRST team has really expanded my horizon. In my garage, I have the basic wrenches, hammers, measuring tools, screwdrivers ETC. My powertools consist of a Jigsaw(I turned into a table saw, pretty ghetto), Drill, Power sander and a dremel. What would you say is the next level of tools I should try to get. Keep in mind price and practically. Are there any other ways I can skimp out on buying certain things? Basically if anyone wants to talk machines/tools Write a reply! ::ouch::

I’ve noticed there are a few folks who buy machines and tools, because they love machines and tools. There are some folks who buy machines and tools, because it helps them build stuff that they love to build.

Of course, having new machines and tools lets you try to build stuff that you hadn’t really thought of building before.

I ended up with stuff that helps me work on things I love to work on, mostly. I started with basic equipment for working on cars, first for repairing them, then for fabricating some parts. I eventually ended up with equipment that I can use for building robots, etc. too. I also have some for working on house construction, as I built two garages and a large addition and complete remodel of our house.

Where is this going? The tools and machines you get, will probably be driven by your interests. If you want to make flat stuff, that you designed with a computer, then a CNC router, laser cutter, plasma cutter, etc might be something you’ll want to get. If you like doing things the old fashioned way, then cutting machines like your jigsaw, but better, would be nice…such as a band saw, or a normal plasma cutter.

I have had a lathe for almost 20 years, it’s great for the stuff I work on. I also got a mill five years ago, and last year upgraded to a larger mill (the smaller one went to my son). I don’t use these machines very often, but when I do, they seem indispensable.

Anyways, what you should get next, depends on what you’re interested in building. You’ll have to seriously consider your budget, how much room you have, and how much time you have.