Home Remodies

I was just thinking about home lots of people seem to have their own “Home Remodies” to cure what ails them, some of these remodies are totally off the wall, but ask the person who gave it to you, and they will swear by it. Do you find that you family has it’s own remodies? What are they?


Does extra strength tylenol count?

Well, we used undiluted apple cider vinegar to help with sunburn relief. And my mother used me as a guinea pig to test out things she heard were good for your hair, so my hair has been washed with mayonnaise, eggs, beer, yogurt (not the kind with fruit at the bottom) mixed with peppermint oil… it’s no wonder I grew up thinking I was some sort of a salad.

Did you know you can use a cherry tomato to remove a splinter? Well, you can, but you have to wear half of a cherry tomato for several hours.


Well, at least they never decided peanut butter was good for your hair.

lol… i was not so fortunate. My mom swears by peanut butter for getting gum off of things, esp hair. D:

Heh heh heh…yeah my family’s secret drink to cure headaches, hangovers, etc…

yeaaah that gets the job done