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Anyone else who submitted and got turned down for the grant get a new email saying they’d get one now?

We submitted for 4 for the Romis with the grant a couple of months ago and got the message that we weren’t getting any this time. Went out on a limb (seemed pretty sturdy from other threads here) and bought one to evaluate over the summer.
Just got an email today saying we would be receiving one in the next couple of weeks now :slight_smile:

It sounds like everyone who submitted will get at least one.




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Thanks Argosy.


We got a email today saying we would receive 5! Hopefully use them for some trainings over the summer!


Is it worth making a Romi category? Seeing more threads on the subject and with more teams getting one this year I expect that count to go up.


Wow, I really wish they’d re-open that for pre-rookies. Happy for everyone who got those!


Under Technical? Or is there a better place?

Programming would probably be a good fit in my eyes

I realized that Categories can’t go more than 2 deep, so I put it directly under Technical.

I moved a few recent topics there … if anybody finds others that should be moved, report them to a moderator and they can be moved over.


I wonder if these are going to be shipped soon. I’m pretty sure my address was correct. Has anyone gotten theirs yet, or notice that it shipped?

Just got 1 yesterday.

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did you get a notification before shipping or did it just randomly show up?

Got notification from FedEx On 6/23 no other prior notification.

We got ours today (6/25), after a ship notice from Fedex out of the blue yesterday.

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Same here.

Got a FedEx notice yesterday of a package being sent to our address in CT, received today.

I didn’t get a FedEx notice, but the package arrived today.

The notice I received was from FedEx directly. I believe it’s as a result of:

If a package is scheduled for delivery to your address you get a notification/text ahead of time and can adjust the delivery date/time/address, i believe you can sign for it ahead of time, etc. Pretty convenient.

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Just got ours today. Rechecked my email and never saw a notification

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