Home Run Derby

What did everyone think of the HRDerby this year? Miguel Tejada of my favorite team(and home team until Montreal moves into DC) won it, set the single round and single derby records, so Im enthused! Take that Jason Morella with your Giants and Barry Bonds! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Jim Thome disoppointed me, I thought he’d do much better. I thought Hank Blalock would be a suprise, but he wasn’t. Miguel Tejada suprised me with his power, I didn’t think he’d have the farthest HR, but they didnt open the roof till the second round, so other hitters like Sammy couldn’t bomb them. I wanted to see some of my favorite team’s players in it (Mets) but only Piazza could have and he’s not a good HR Derby hitter.

P.S. Expos might move here in Hampton Roads not D.C. because of your “home” team