Home Zone Line Visabilty

At kickoff, I noticed that the red tape used to mark the field is [em]much[/em] easier to see against the carpet than the blue tape. The same tape was used to mark the autonomous starting boxes last year, but once the game began, seeing the tape wasn’t necessary. For instance, look at this photo from near the Red Alliance driver’s station. Yea, I can’t tell there’s a blue line either.

This year, you need to be able to see the tape both to know when you are in your own home zone or to make sure you stay out of the opposing home zone. If you are on the Red Alliance and trying to keep Blueabot from getting home to ramp on another Blueabot, being able to ensure you don’t cross the line is very important.

I think if these lines were marked with white instead of red and blue, it would help tremendously.

I agree with you Greg. It’s not fair to the drivers or teams to have differently colored home zone lines. How about yellow lines that would stick out like a sour thumb on the carpet.