Homemade Robotics Clothes

I got bored late one night so while on the phone, i grabbed some spraypaint from our garage, a blank white t-shirt, and printed out some stencils…viola!

Its a little messy and not too cool, but thats cause i had a phone in my hand while doing it. I’m going to remake it.



Does anyone have any shirts they made or anything?

That’s cool. I made some duct tape pants once, by covering a pair of pants with duct tape. I don’t have any pics, but I wouldn’t suggest repeating it. Especially if you live somewhere hot, like Las Vegas for instance :slight_smile:

love the shirt, it’s awesome. i don’t have any pics at the moment, but me and two other girls on my team made shirts for all team members… they just say ‘1089’ (our team number) on the back with our name underneath, and on the front we have a whole bunch of different words. this way, when our drive team lines up, it spells out ‘we love to score’ and we can rearrange all the kids in the stands to make a few changable sentences there also… was pretty fun. and except for the fact that the word ‘robotics’ goes down at the end, i think the shirt looks totally cool, i must admit, even if you were on the phone when you made it =p

WOW, they look very nice. I hope i could make shirts at home :frowning: . Meh, i guess my teamware will be fine. They look very unique and eye pleasing, i bet people will be willing to buy some. A job well done :smiley:

Check out team 467 for cool homemade robotics gear. Their name should give away what I mean: The Duct Tape Bandits. :slight_smile:

w3rd… those look really nice.

Yeah, well i only had one size stencil (didnt have much prep time, it was pretty spur of the moment)…I’m definately going to go out and buy different sizes and make a new one. If we were allowed to sell things at competition i would totally make robotics shirts for people (small price of oh…$4?) with the cool girl and guy robots holding a tetra design…any color…any team number. I’d have to make it prettier first and less messy…but alas. Hey, thats a good spirt idea for next year!

One of our head engineers made a mascot suit for me and the little brother of a member of our team to wear. It’s pretty sweet. At the annapolis regional, this creephat from another team kept coming over and touching my treads while they were being glued and drying. snail fetish.

He also made a silkscreen of this image:

and printed them on tshirts
he has free time.

A parent also volunteered to sew us the robes and capes that have become an integral part of our geeky competition attire.

hello. im the creator of that robosnail ^

but anyway, to get back to the original topic…

I’d have to make it prettier first and less messy

there are a couple of quick tips that can make these shirts look a lot neater.
first of all, you’d probably want to eliminate all of the underspray (where the spraypaint got under the stencil) and the overspray (where the stencil wasn’t big enough its always the stencil’s fault :rolleyes: ). I would buy some spray adhesive and spray it on the back of the stencils before you place it on the shirt. You have to just lightly dust it and then wait a minute or two before you place it ont he shirt, though. It just needs to be lightly tacky so it doesn’t leave any residue, but it should help hold the stencil flat to the shirt (you might need to press it tightly)

Also, inverting the robot stencil would look a lot neater. The design is nice, but the big blotchy green area that defines the design doesn’t look as professional.

I hope if you do remake these shirt, you will post the pictures. :slight_smile: Good Luck!

Loved the robo snail. My friend and I especially loved the “I wish i was full of money” robot shirt.

The idea was to look a little messy, i didnt want it to look completely neat ya know. But thanks a lot for the tips. As soon as I go and buy new white shirts I’ll set about to making new ones.[/quote]