Homestar Runner fans

Is anyone out there also a Homestar Runner fan. If you don’t know what I am talking about, is a website made by a couple guys. They make the site with Flash and with that they make really funny cartoons.
Here is a link to it. Please, tell me I am not the only fan here. :ahh:
Here it is

I like going to homestar runner, but there aren’t massive updates for it really.

Needs more Teen Girl Squad and Trogdor.

Lol, I know. They just made a Teen Girl Swad 5, if you didn’t know

Search before posting please, kthx :slight_smile:

All I have to say about Homestar Runner right now: Here comes the Thnikkaman!! :]

I’ve had the Homestar bag since it came out…
And that dungeon game is quite entertaining…

Oopps, sorry. I am getting the Cheat plushie soon. It is going to be so awesome.

LOL, yes, homestar runner is awesome, especially girl squad thingy


My blood hurts :wink:

Hey check out this remix of the Teen Girl Swad song. It might take alittle while to load

By the way. Is anyone on a H*R forum called “Burning Horizons”, or "Strongfans?’’

Everyone knows it’s all about the fhqwgads. :slight_smile:


i’m not a super fan… i don’t go there daily but once in a while hoping there’s a bunch of updates

Wow, you almost spelled Fhqwhgads right. Good start. lol
“Come on Fhqwhgads, I say come on Fhqwhgads”

See!! Thats what 2.5 hrs of sleeps does to you…Makes me mispell Fhqwhgads!! shakes fist


Homestar runner is great I do wish they would make Teen Girl Squads faster though.Arrowed. :slight_smile:

Fhqwhgads was one of the nominations for our robot’s name. It didn’t win. shrugs
I didn’t want that to be its name anyway…