Homework Help

I was wondering if there was a Civil Engineer that I could possibly interview for a paper that I have to write for my engineering class…if someone is interested or would like to help I would greatly appriciate it…



Grab a ‘yellow pages’ phone book, that is the thing people used before the internet and look up engineering-architectural & civil.

Try to find a smaller firm and go in the front door, introduce yourself and smile and tell them what you need. Make your pitch right and there is very good chance you will get what you want. And when you make the pitch tell them it will take only a few minutes.

Along the way you can talk about robotics. If you are lucky you might even get a new mentor or sponsor. And if you smile and act interested they might even keep you around longer to learn more about FIRST.

It isn’t very often a student acts interested in civil engineering (or any engineering) and they will most likely appreciate the interest.

Let me guess, Principals of Engineering career research paper from Project Lead the Way? :smiley: Since you are in Indiana, when my friend finds a civil engineer to ask questions to, I will get the info to you.


I’m not specifically a “Civil Engineer” but I’m an Environmental Engineer. When I went to school the two were housed in the same academic department, as environmental was an off-shoot of civil in the beginning. If I can help you, send me a PM or IM.

yep…how’d ya’ know…lol…