Honeywell Microswitch

How do I wire a honeywell microswitch so it shows up on the ds?

Are you talking about wiring it to the driver station through the cypress board? Or are you talking about wiring it to the digital sidecar and have code to read it and display its state to one of the LEDs on the cypress module? Please specify more details.

I need to have it on the robot wired thru the digital sidecar.

Wire the microswitch with the NO (Normal Open) and Common to one of the digital channel’s SIG and GND. Then you read the corresponding digital input channel in your code (don’t know what language you are using). If you want the state to show up in your driver’s station, you need to explain what exactly that means. Showing up in the dsLCD?

In the top window of the driver station there are different “lights” for the various analog and digital inputs. I just need the D I/O 1 light to lit up when the microswitch wired to D I/O 1 is pushed.

You didn’t answer the very important language question. If the answer is LabVIEW, wire it as described above and then see this WPILib Tracker bug:

I am using C++. I moved this to the programming forum since the wiring question was answered a while back.