Honolulu Regional- Oahu,HI Who's going?

It’s almost time for competition!!
Team 359 and the rest of the Hawaii Teams are excited for the first regional to be held here in the islands.


i wish i was going… we got about 2 IN of snow right now… oh well maybe some time… i tryed to get my team to go to Brasil… but it didn’t work…

I’ll be there. And since it conveniently falls over spring break for me, I’ll be there plenty of time in advance. :slight_smile:

wow usually school on the mainland have a different spring break than us.
that’s great.

We were really gunning for a Hawaii regional ticket…but we couldn’t scrape together the cash to go to both Florida and Hawaii. And, if I’m right, Hawaii falls on the same week as the New York regional, and it would be bad for the New York team to ditch its own regional for Hawaii.

Hawaii is week 5 and New York is week 6. The issue for you guys becomes funds and the logistics of doing back to back regionals :wink:

The Pink Team will be attending :slight_smile:

and I can’t wait.

Thanks Wayne. I recall those were our same troubles for getting to Brazil.

Wish we were going, at least 7 inches of snow here in Flint, MI. I want to get some place warm, but our team won’t be going. :frowning:

Oh well, I better see tons of pictures to make me at least FEEL warm…

Team 25 is sending the shirts home.

It is our spring break week anyway

And as Mrs. C. says " robotics is the only way I’ll ever get you to take me to Hawaii"

I got my Speedo packed !!! :ahh:

WC :cool:

i wanna go so bad but we have no more money. please get some pics up quick

Team 1254 is not going, but it sounds wonderful. We too are up to our noses in snow and sleet and ice. We had 2 snow days last week alone and almost had one today. We couldn’t work last night it was so bad in West Michigan. It took everyone 2 to 3 times the regular time to get home.

We are attending the West Michigan Regional (for the first time) and
are attending Nationals (for the first time). We are so excited about Nationals. :slight_smile:



Team 2441 will be attending, its our first regional so we’re eager to meet all the the other Hawaii teams. From the excitement I can tell this is gonna be the first time coming to Hawaii for lots of people. I hope you like it here and my team and I are eager to meet with everyone. This is going to be alot of fun.

This gonna be alot of fun, I hope we all do good. I cant wait for FIRST to spread around the island, it would be alot more interesting to see other high schools participating and meeting different people. I saw your team’s robot it looks awesome lots of people are doing arms this year its going to be interesting.

we would love to go to hawaii now. yesterday we got 2 feet of snow, then it turned into freezing rain and then rain the next day. The combo was me sliding down my driveway on ice covered in water to land in a snowbank. what a way to start a day!

I was sweating today with a 70+ degree weather today because it was kind of muggy at our school!..At least the sun was out with blue skies!..:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Last year, we gave that up to compete in NJ in the cold during week 1, then hit NY where it was less than 0 degrees! :yikes:

All 25 Hawaii teams plus mainland teams, and I have yet to see a bot other than ourselves?
Cmon, post some pics everyone? Lets see what’s cooking!:smiley:
Here’s ours. http://www.waialuarobotics.com/crunchtime.html
If you look at the last pic carefully, you’ll see our ball popper!


Aloha everyone,

It’s going to be great to see all the teams gathering here in Hawaii. If you’re visiting from the mainland, drop by 2090 in the pits if you need help with anything while here.

See you there! :cool: