Hooded Shooter Inertia

Hi CD, our hooded shooter tends to have a fairly long ramp up time from idle to target RPM. To save time during actual matches, we thought about having the roller motor (775pro) constantly spinning during the matches as opposed to ramping up from idle every time we want to shoot. However, this raised concerns of power draw and draining our battery. Are there any teams who have done this type of shooter in the past and have any suggestions about what the optimum efficiency in-match strategies for ramping up on hooded shooters?

Don’t use a single 775. Use at least two. Also, what is your reduction?

Running your shooter for the entire match isn’t ideal. With a good reduction and the appropriate motors, you should be able to spin it up very quickly.

Also, slow spin up time may be due to your PID loop tunung (or the lack of PID) .

If you spin the shooter full speed (12v) does it still have a long ramp up time? If not, you can optimize it with software (PID tuning as amboyscout said)

We’re looking towards ~3:1 reduction on the 775pro(s). I’m not too well-versed on the programming side and control side of things; is there anything I could forward to our programmer about tuning our PID loop?

Well, if you are using one right now, there are about 100 threads on CD about how to tune a PID loop. If you aren’t using one, do what @CodeNinja said and report back.

Also, I might suggest a NEO or similar motor geared up slightly for speed as your flywheel motor. They have more torque and are more capable of spinning up to speed quickly. We will be using a single Falcon for our flywheel motor and 1:1 driving it.

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