Hooded Shooter w / backspin

Hi, my team and I had decided to make a Hooded shooter and we saw a lot of the greatest teams have a Backspin or second wheel in their shooter, we want to know if you have documentation or video explication on design to a shooter with backspin and how it works, thank you so much

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Just type “backspin” into the CD search box, that topic has had a fair bit of discussion here.


like, every single flywheel shooter will have backspin, team s that use a second flywheel use it to negate the backspin and increase their shooting velocity, in special to make far shots. Some helpful videos:


This thread from earlier this year should be helpful.

Here’s a bunch of photos/videos of 3512’s hooded shooter prototyping. Let me know if you have any questions about our setup/testing

We found the following to work well:
2 NEO w/ 2:1 Overdrive (gearing up rather than down)
4" Colson Wheels
1.5" ball compression
65% motor freespeed


Call me biased, but I am a fan of the roll-desk/troubadour/organic hood. :wink:


This thread is really nice, I’ll be using it for reference for our shooter redesign


+1 to those numbers and the design from 3512 as a very good starting point. I got those numbers and the general design in build season built a basic prototype off of it. It was so effective that we almost just slapped it on our competition bot before we wanted more wrap and shooter rigidity.

Can you clarify what this means? Are you running closed loop control with a setpoint of 65% of the NEO free speed (i.e: ~3700 RPM)?

We used the SparkMax Desktop client for testing. I believe it allows you to control the RPM of the motor/% of freespeed