Hook and loop on robots

Can someone point me to the place in the manual where things like dual - lock is not allowed on the robot?

There isn’t a place in the manual other than R7.

Edit: and G15 blue box

Thanks ,Maybe a LRI could comment. This is part of our hatch mechanisms…

G15 blue box. The issue is that dual lock ends break off and remain in the HP loop material. If you swap for the corresponding hook tape it should work similarly

See Team Update 2, G15

Dual Lock does end up leaving bits of plastic stuck to the hatch panels, which violates the rule. Other types of hook tape are up to your own experimentation to figure out how they interact.

G15. Be careful about what you interact with. DRIVE TEAMS, ROBOTS, and OPERATOR CONSOLES are prohibited from the following actions with regards to interaction with ARENA elements…
…G. Damaging

In our experiments with dual - lock hook&loop, we found that it damaged the loops on the game piece by breaking and leaving behind pieces of itself embedded in the game piece, reducing stickiness.

Other hook&loop styles that didn’t obviously harm the game pieces weren’t good enough to justify using.

Several teams at OCR were using velcro hatch manipulators. None worked particularly well. I didn’t check what exact type of velcro they used.

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We use official Velcro and its not half bad. It works pretty well in my opinion. We are also adding a hook to it so we have a backup incase it doesn’t work well.

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