Hook and lube tape used on the field

Does anyone know what specific hook and lube tape is used on the playing field to attaches the hatches to?

2-in. (~5 cm) wide 3M™ Hook Fastener SJ3572.

on page 24 of the manual

Thank you very much!

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This is not the tape that is used on the Hatches. That stuff is used for attaching the Depot rails to the carpet.

I can’t find the stuff they use tho on the actual Hatches.

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its all the same stuff i’m fairly sure.

It is, section 4.9.2.

" The edge and outside ~1 in. (~3 cm) of both sides of the toroid are covered with white 3M™ Fastener SJ3571 loop tape (PN 70070457349)"

Does anyone have a good source to purchase a couple rolls of 3M . SJ3571 Loop Fastener?

:open_mouth: Kinda spendy, but

3M (SJ3571) Fastener SJ3571 Loop S005 Beige, 1 in x 50 yd 0.15 in Engaged Thickness


by 3M

$ 5,445.97

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I’m looking for about a 12ft roll.