Hooking LED to DS

Hey i wanted to check with anyone have you hook up led to the diver station. And if so how i dont want to short it. so i want to check what size resistors if any ect.

To connect an LED to the Driver Station digital output, connect one end of a 100 - 200 ohm resistor to the upper digital output pin, then connect the other end of this resistor to the anode on an LED, and connect the cathode of the LED top the lower pin (ground) on the driver station.

The sketch below shows a schematic for this.

UPPER PIN ----////-----|>|---- LOWER PIN
…150 ohm…LED

A typical red LED has a forward voltage of about 2.2 volts, and gives good brightness with ~ 20 ma of current through it. This means that the resistor needs to drop 5 - 2.2 volts, or 2.8 volts. Using Ohms law (R= E/I) gives a resistor value of 2.8/.02 = 140 ohms. 150 ohms is a standard value, and will work well.

also you could make a LED in the dashboard VI instead of hard wiring it.

Keep in mind that different LED’s operate at different current settings. The digital output signal pin produces 5V of power when turned “on”. Find an appropriate 5V LED (most of them are 5V) and then do some math to ensure you get the proper resistor to place inline with the LED, based on the current requirements for the LED. Many places you can order LED’s from will have them available with the matching resistor as well.