Hooking up 2 Servos

Does anyone have a guide on hooking up 2 or more servos ( pan, tilt)? Also, is there anyway to measure distance without 2 servos( pan and tilt) and only using pan servo ( Maybe using the bounding box values given by the camera structure )? Thanks.

yeah and yeah.
to measure distance (away from your target), your camera is always at the same angle, (a constant! woo hoo!) and its always at the same height. so, create a look up table or something to see how far away the target is based on where the center of mass is the camera returns.
as for having 2 servos, our team has a tilt and a pan (assembled today! its AWESOME!)… we have CAD drawings; i don’t have them w/ me, PM me if you really want to see them.

Team 1351


I would like to see the CAD drawings…

Are you able to send via email?


[email protected].

I’m really interested too.

[email protected]

You can figure the email out from that :wink:

I would like to see those CAD drawings…thanks.

i would like to see the drawings too, please/
[email protected]

please send them to me as well… [email protected]

thank you

For those waiting for 1351’s camera mount, I’ll try and get it up by tomorrow evening, maybe as early as this afternoon. I’m cleaning up the drawings, writing assembly instructions, and I took some pictures of the final assembly.