Hooking up a backup battery

I tried searching, to no avail…so my question is, can I just hook up the backup battery to the backup battery to the port, or do I need to hook up the backup battery to a fuse panel? Pictures would be nice, thank you!

Im not at the lab right now, so I can’t show you, but the backup battery connects directly to the robot controller. There are ports on there for you to hook it up. The main power to the robot controller goes through a 20amp breaker on your fuse block.

The backup battery connects directly to the controller’s 7.2V backup battery terminals.

The above is true. There’s an adaptor in the 2008 electronics box that fits onto the terminals for the backup battery on the robot controller. The backup battery can attach to that adaptor.

just directly attach it no fuses needed


The reason for the adapter is that sometimes a controller doesn’t have the battery block-style terminal. It has the post-style terminals. So you put the adapter on and the battery just plugs right in.

Thanks for the responses
my question seems pretty bobo in hindsight :slight_smile:

The only bad question is the one that is not asked.