Hooray for snow days!

Hooray for another snow day in the northeast!

Hooray for having–I think–14 days of school in this last quarter!

Hooray for attempting to brave a blizzard to get into a closed school!



Snow days? :confused:
My wife and the kids are on winter break.

Enjoy the snow days when you can get them! Here at KSU it has to be falling fast enough where road crews cant to anything about it. In my 3 years at kent, ive seen 3 snow days. Some days it feels like i need a dog team or snow shoes to get to class :ahh:

…it doesn’t snow in florida…
rather, it’s hot outside and i’m still sweating from my tennis game
there should be cold-for-florida days…

been snowing over this side of the pond. Had to cancel some video taking to save the robot…

:slight_smile: We have this whole week off for no reason

Haha, snow days, to be in high school again. Enjoy them while you still have them, once you get in college you rarely even see a compressed schedule.
… and they wonder why students are pushed to skip classes :stuck_out_tongue: :ahh: :wink:

Is that what they call mid-spring break out east somewhere? Some people I know have that.

Indiana schools don’t. We go with the harvest :slight_smile: But that’s ok, we get 1 spring break and then school is out in May.

As for snowdays? Our school corp is notorious for awesome 2 hour delays, which top snowdays cause you don’t have to make them up.

we call it “winter break” here, so we didnt have a snow day because its vacation. but since basketball was cancelled we had some trouble getting a janitor to stay at the school.

couldnt it have snowed on another day? :yikes:

today EVERY other district in our area had a snowday. but of course JUST our district decides to be special and have school. rawr.

Appleton, WI’s school district has two snow days automatically built in for each year. If we use them, we get two days off of school; no makeups. If we have more than two snowdays, the extra days have to be made up. If we don’t have two snow days in a year, that’s just two extra days of school we have, that aren’t necessary. :frowning:

We had a break in the 5th week of build. We got a lot done.
Our fedex lorry arrived in the middle of a blizzard today, and as such our robots gone (not easy moving a crate in blizzard…)

no matter how much it snows here…even if its the biggest snowstorm there can possibly be…like 30 feet of snow and the biggest blizzard in the world wide universe…we still wont have a snow day!!! lol my school doesnt understand that we have like 5 free snowdays that we can use. bahhh