Hope to be competitive at WPI and Bryant with this years design

For the 2014 season team 549 has partnered with team 3623 and after 5 weeks of building we’ve come up with this device to gather this years game piece. We’re hoping to be the smoothest team at gathering and assisting. Hope to have all the wiring done by Tuesday night when we meet again. Please feel free to comment and give your thoughts.

Looking very nice!

Have you tried it with bumpers on?

That intake is quick! Can you describe how that front roller works, it seems like an impressive passing mechanism.

That looks really slick, definitely one of the fastest intakes I’ve seen so far this year, are you guys planning to be able to shoot into the 10 pt. goal?

4 diameter of PVC. CIM driving it. Not sure of the RPM on the intake but high output RPM For distance.

Whats the material on the pvc roller?

We tried it bare and it worked great. No need for any type of gripping material.