How about we post link to Hopper canburglars? Because these will be key at Champs, it would be great to see what we’ve got!

This should be in the Hopper division thread already created.

You might want to start the discussion by showing them what you are bringing to Worlds :wink:
Glad to see you guys make the trip. Good Luck!

another view.

we also have now cut our grab time in half

This is mighty impressive! I really like it, great job!

From the Michigan teams:
33: Not really a Canburglar, but can reach onto the step for cans in teleop.

469: 4 canburglar, but usually use 2 due to retract time. Use of canburglar limits scoring as 469 usually uses a tethered ramp

548: 2 canburglar, one of the fastest and most consistent in Michigan.

I’m not aware of any of the other Michigan teams on Hopper having them.