Hopper SF 2 - 290 Points Full-Field Match Video

Here’s Team 1676’s full-field match video of Hopper Semifinal 2, where Teams 987, 2826, and 2512 scored the official world record of 290 points in Recycle Rush: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3h6WeeZBRI

Some of it still has to be uploaded, but the rest of our qualification and elimination match videos from Hopper can be found in this playlist, and we’ll be submitting them to The Blue Alliance as well: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPUJJPXRAlERrq56whl38hz9Y6nolxGWX

Oh. My. God.

The alliance executed like a robot.

Thanks for posting this :slight_smile: Will use this to help train our new scouters before our offseason regional in november.

I wanted to see this, thanks for posting it again.

Hopper sure was an exciting division to be apart of!

The third robot playing was actually 2512, not 4265. This was an amazing alliance to watch, and it’s great to see the region finally represented on Einstein. MN will bring home a championship-winning blue banner soon! (Or at least a half-championship-winning one).

Thanks, that should be fixed in my original post now. I was just going off what was listed on TBA, but since I believe that had to be inputted manually, I guess it was submitted incorrectly. Sorry about that.

Hopper still doesn’t have results up, so we don’t know which 3 of the 4 alliance members played.

Back on topic, 290 is amazing, especially considering the previous high score was achieved in quals where there was a 40 point coop bonus.

That was such a great alliance to be a part of! Hopper was such an incredibly deep field this year. There were so many good scoring robots. We even had a few things go wrong that match so 300 was within reach if we had a couple more shots at it!


Congrats to 987, 2826 and friends on the field. 987 had one of my top 5 favorite robots the last two years and Wave probably made my favorite this year.

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