Horizontal Extension

The main challenge this year is placing pieces several feet to the side of the robot. I don’t believe there is an easy analog for a frc challenge like this in the past, so how are teams planning on dealing with it?

There are a few ways to go about it, whether using a typical frc elevator tilted sideways or on a hinge, the same but with telescoping tubes, four bar style linkages, or other stuff. And there’s definitely gonna be a team with just one crazy 72627+DOF arm

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2019 (maybe)
2005 (the closest analog)

beyond that my FRC knowledge runs out quick

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grumpy old man voice

I remember the days before extension limits


If we hadn’t been close to weight that year, we were considering dropping a barrier clear across the field, confining our opponents to 1 row…

'Course, that would run afoul of a bunch of rules these days. (This year, would be G107, red card enhancement… if the barrier survived.) And we were at weight anyways and never did get the deployment figured out.

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