Horrible Game Ideas

Just a thread for awful game ideas. Have fun!!!

Destination: Deep Space. Enough said.


A water game.


Are you even a part of FIRST? jk

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A game where you don’t have a robot.

What about a game where the field is divided down the middle so the robots don’t interact. And also the match is decided in under a second.


Recycle Rush


Field Fiesta

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Looks through list of games made before 2016*

Here take your pick.

*excluding 2013, ill give you all that one

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2014 is still one of the best games to date.


Poopoo pickup


I had joked that the worst thing they could do in a space themed game was to add latency to robot comms to simulate the real world latency we experience when communicating with satellites/rovers, but they would never be evil enough to do it, right?


There is only one game piece: a giant hamster ball with a human player in it. All six robots are fighting for it. There are vision targets, but they’re only visible from particular angles so they’re not very useful. The drivers’ controls randomly invert. Autonomous is played exclusively with drones. Human players can throw rings at the end of the match and get points if they land them on opponent robots. They only have 10 seconds to do this, but because of balance issues, this usually determines the winner of the game. Defense is prohibited, because it might decrease other robots’ performance.


Can’t believe you’re saying that 2013 and 2014 were bad.


I saw matches from every 3v3 alliance era game played live and 05,06,07,11,12,13, and 14 were all great games, some were limited by the technology of their era (05, 06) some had decisions made by FIRST hamper them (07 “random” schedules, 11 minibot rules, 13 removal of the blizzard) but that just made the games not live to their potential not necessarily making them bad.

Now 08,09,10 and 15 I have no excuses for.


@mrnoble. That’s not a real game right? I dozed off when I got to the turtles.

  • Robots are required to populate every slot of their Power Distribution Panel. Robots then score points by “retrieving” opponents wires from inside their robot. 1 point per gauge per wire.

  • Bumpers are optional, and count against your weight limit.

  • The alliance station walls have large holes cut an ankle level for robots to stab poles through to attack opponent drive teams directly. If your opponents are all either all on the ground or all off the field at the end of the match you get a ranking point.

  • During the last 30 seconds of the match robots have a dance battle for which the audience can give bonus points, 1 point per decibel. No restrictions on methods for the audience to produce noise. If the police show up teams currently on the field get a red card.


That is pure evil and I love it

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Fine, ill give you 2013 that one was pretty neat.