Horrible MySpace Pages

I am looking for HORRIBLE GAUDY myspace pages. If you know of any super over the top, almost seizer-inducing pages please let me know!

Aren’t they all like that?

Exactly why I use facebook. Even with all of the new apps they have it’s still much better.


Just do a search for new phat lingo, yo.

i clicked that link to see if really bad myspace pages would come up, and what do you know, they were all pretty bad. lol

y would you want to be looking at bad myspace pics and pages?

…To reinforce the idea that 97% of the Myspace population has no sense whatsoever when it comes to elementary school color theory, text legibility or even the most basic principles of web design.


This is what happens when school districts drop art classes over budget concerns… “What do you mean I can’t put yellow text on white background?!”

Agreed. At first I thought myspace would be a decent idea, that way the not so smart people in this world would have some knowledge as of what web developers go through because they would have to learn maybe one phrase in html but I was proven wrong after the editors for myspace came out.

Now I see web pages with bright yellow backgrounds and white text and than some with black backgrounds and brown text… Do these people read what they publish??? I personally have a black text, on a gray background (completely copied and pasted from Facebook) because mine was a year and a half outdated.

On another note is there a way to delete your myspace account?

EDIT: The worst site I saw had a load of pictures, a white back ground, and a light light gray text. Some people make me sick…

Yes, you have to go to account manager or something of the sort. I recently deleted mine. I kept getting spammed by porn sites, not like I didn’t get enough of that in my AOL email. Thank God for Gmail and awesome spam filters.