Horribly behind??

right now we have nothing done :ahh: like serously nothing, if you walked into our shop you would see no parts of any robot, i’ve very worried

is anyone else behind schedule? :frowning:

Last year we made our robot really quickly but it was shoddy and this year we are trying to make it super quality by designing everything and milling stuff and so forth, but we aren’t getting anywhere.

think we should sacrifice the qualityness and just make something that we can ship at the deadline?

Lord N-

One axiom that works for our team when we are in trouble (although usually we don’t recognize it until much later in the 6 weeks) is the following:

“Cut something off”

Get rid of a function. It will save weight, time, controls effort. The risk, of course is that you will have a less-useful robot. But… if you cut the right thing(s) off, you might have a better robot.

Hope this helps,

Get a drivetrain up and running, period. Set a goal. Since you are behind the best goal to set at this point is to have a drivetrain up and running by mid-meeting Friday period. If you don’t already meet on saturdays plan on meeting this saturday, perhaps even sunday. But no matter what get that drivetrain done. because if worse comes to worst you have somehting to ship in two weeks.

After the drovetrain is complete set a goal of 3-4 days to have some mechanism/function of your robot complete. Meet extra days/hours whatever is necessary to complete that goal. that way when February 24 rolls around you can put a functioning robot in a shipping crate. Best policy is generally (for your team) one system at a time.

Yea… our team (1236) is way behind too… but that was mostly due to 3 snow days! We dont even have a drive train together… but i suppose we’ll finish it!

the ridiculous thing is we’ve been meeting like non stop, everyday afterschool from 3:30 - 9:00 and weekends from 11:00 - 1 (AM), i think the problem is that we don’t know how to really do anything, (just kids no mentors) so we end up wasting alot of time trying to figure stuff out / making something only to realize we did it wrong. We built a drivetrain / gearbox / and frame for the robot and had to scrap it all b/c it didn’t work :frowning:

since you are having the problem with lack of mentors, is there another team in your area that would be willing to either help you ? or share their mentors with you ? or is there a parent from a team member willing to do this ? even if he or she cant stay for the whole time, from my understanding, any help will be a great deal.

Good luck

I see that you are in Irvine, California. LA, right?

The list of teams willing to mentor in California is located here.

Teams that I know are active on these boards and will have a better idea of location due to general proximity are 294 and 330.

If you need enginnering help, they will most likely be willing to help you either directly or more local help.

As for your question, some quality is better then no quality.


last year (our rookie year) team 294 was our “mentor” but we only met with them twice i think and they did provide some advice, but it’s nothing like having a resident engineer.

I’m not complaining about not having any mentors, I think it makes it more rewarding, it’s just that we sometimes get frustrated at our inabilities and our lack of knowledge.

Hey guys! We’re still here. Earlier this season you said you didn’t want mentoring. Doesn’t mean you can’t contact us or visit us anytime. Cell phone #'s are on our website press page. Our rookies Santa Monica call us often, and visit. Our rookies South High are more like you guys - “we’ll do it ourselves” and Palos Verdes is 3rd year with all new member and mentors just getting their robot off the ground and visiting our facility today for help.

I know this is a little late in the game but you should try asking not only parents but also teachers if they would help. Even if they take turns showing up it’s better than no direction. They might even know of others that would be happy to help. Did you try asking your sponsors or local businesses for help?

[edit] I didn’t realize Redhead Jokes responded before I did (that’s what I get for not hitting the refresh button enough!). From what I’m reading I’m a little confused. Redhead Jokes (294) said you turned down mentoring but your complaining about your inability and lack of knowledge. That’s what mentors are for. I understand the satisfaction of building a robot all by yourself with no help, but to go it alone isn’t wise. I’m not trying to be judgemental of your decision, I’m just trying to get a concept of what I’ve read in this thread.edit}

Just a suggestion - review the concepts before you build anything with a few folks on CD forum. Post digital photos even if they are of the stuff drawn on chalk boards or sketches. Ask questions with an open mind as you will more than likely get answers from many people that would be willing to help (online mentoring? - why not?) Can’t be with ya, but we have always found that a fresh look from someone else validates ideas and provides a greater sense of assurance that something WILL work after it is made. Try it - you may be surprised with the results. Oh, by the way - meeting is great, but progress is easier measured against a plan of action and time schedule. I’m a nut for planning and I drive my team crazy - unfornately every team needs a task master.

Join the club…we are going way over schedule on a number of things. We are talking about all sorts of things, most certainly extra hours…but perhaps cutting back to something do-able.

Ah, the fun of limitted time, limitted manpower and limitted budgets!!!


wait, you guys have built stuff already??? oh crud, um… what is behin schedule defined as at this point in the game anyway?
… and how can u be behind schedule if you don;t have a definitive schedule in the first place?? :rolleyes:

talking about nothing is done… three weeks are gone… we just put together the transmission yesterday (saturday)… we dont meet that often… we get together on thursdays for updates and saturdays to build the robot… so basically we have 6 days to build the robot.

You guys should try to work during snow days. Usually there is a janitor there and they can let you in, that is if you work at the school. Snow Days help alot because then you have the whole day to work!

We haven’t built anything yet, but design is close to finishing. However, the rest of the team hasn’t been sitting around - animation is cookin, strategy was, of course, done before design started, and controls has been programming and testing using new controller on last year’s robot (we know we’re using skid steer so we disabled the motor that did the car steering and rewrote the code in C) and writing modular code so we don’t have to do EVERYTHING after build. Build team has been working with everyone else and prototyping stuff for design…but we do meet a lot more often than you guys :frowning: . Keep in mind that this year, a box on wheels and a basketball player aren’t all that bad…I guess my point was that you might not be all that behind schedule just because you haven’t built anything.

We have a few students who go to UC Irvine that I may be able to hand off to you if you are badly in need of help.

Let me know.


we are also behind, instead of focusing on one part of the robot we have done little bits of each. its harder to judge weather or not we will end up with a working robot. we only have 4 - 7 members stay after each day to work, and only 4 are compitent with tools. i do have to say you are not the furthest behind, a school in our area has not even recieved thier parts.

We didn’t really “turn down” anything. We just said that we were going to try and do it on our own this year. At that time we thought we had a machinist and an eningeer that were gonna help out, but both bailed on us. Also 294 is about an hour away, and it’s difficult (if not impossible) to convey things over the phone or through email. Without being there in person it’s pretty hard to get any real “mentoring” in a mechanical sense. We know the ropes now well enough to manage in terms of the paper work, emailing, getting spare parts, etc. It’s just the design/fabrication that it’d be nice if someone was standing by to tell us how to do it.[/quote]

Our team’s a lil behind, but we’ve lost seven days to snow :frowning:

Syracuse is sittin’ at close to 140 inches of snow thus far this winter…and it’s only January :slight_smile: