Hospitality Baskets at Competitions

PiXie 173 already asked this question in the Thanks forum (, but has had no responses, so I’ll ask again…

If anyone used one of our Hospitality Baskets at the SBPLI Regional or the Nationals, what did you find helpful to have in it? What were we missing that you would have liked to have seen included?

We’d like to purchase items (like hair elastics) when they go on sale throughout the year, so we need your input!

Thanks for leaving your comments in the notebooks, too, we all enjoyed reading them!

What exactly are these baskets you speak of?

I thought I saw a basket in the one restroom at Nats but I wasnt sure what it was??? Is this what your talking about?

I didn’t personally use any of them, but I thought they were a great idea.

Same as Jeff. I saw it, though ‘awsome idea’ then didn’t use it. I come prepared. Oh yea, I’m that cool. :cool:

yea… i walked in to the girls bathroom… GREAT IDEA!.. i know a lot of us tend to forget things and then feel terrible afterwards… i didnt use anything… but i know a few girls that were looking around in the baskets and used a few things… thanks a lot it was a great idea!

I dunno about the rest of you…but the use of public mouthwash seems iffy :slight_smile: I didn’t get to check out what else was in those baskets.

Nice of you guys to put that stuff out for all of us (though I must wonder if you are insinuating things with the mouthwash and deodorant :stuck_out_tongue: ) . I’m surprised they didn’t go walking.

*Originally posted by evulish *
**I dunno about the rest of you…but the use of public mouthwash seems iffy :slight_smile: I didn’t get to check out what else was in those baskets. **

Yeah… I’d be a bit worried about that. Maybe get a bunch of the trial-size bottles? You might be able to get a deal on those somewhere.

Thanks for your suggestions so far. The basket idea was created at the UTC Regional when we realized that some of us (adults and students alike) could use some freshening up. In other words, yes, we stunk!

So PiXie 173 and her mom put the baskets together for SBPLI and we packed it all up and brought the idea to Houston. We had baskets in several of the main bathrooms at the Reliant Center.

We will look for trial sizes in order to avoid the “public mouthwash” question, that’s a good idea.

And we were pleasantly surprised that MOST of the basket items were used with consideration…

RAGE is once again providing hospitality baskets for the rest rooms - we put some in the Mid-Atlantic Regional and will do so for the UTC Regional and Championships in Atlanta.

If you used the baskets in NJ, please let us know what was most helpful (you can PM me if you want) - or what you looked for but didn’t find in the baskets… Also, we stuck a small notebook in the baskets so teams could leave us a note and one of them didn’t make it back to us - if you “borrowed” it, we’d love to have it back so we can read it.