Host a Chairman's Exchange at your event!

Hello FRC Teams!

We are Team 2486 The CocoNuts from Flagstaff, Arizona. Several years ago, we created The Chairman’s Exchange to give teams who are applying for the Chairman’s Award the opportunity to share ideas, practice their presentations and give Q&A sessions with other teams. The Exchange happens at a set time on Thursday at competition before the official presentations start. We are looking for teams that have won a Chairman’s Award recently to host Chairman’s Exchanges at the 2017 FRC competitions, or teams who are willing to host! Our goal is to have Chairman’s Exchanges in every FRC event: District Events, District Championships, US and international Regionals, and the World Championship. For more background information on the ChEx, email us at

If you would like to host a ChEx event at the FRC events you’re planning to attend, go to, and there you will find a link to a google form to register! We will send you more information and a ChEx hosting packet after you register.

Any comments or questions feel free to email

Happy Build Season!

The CocoNuts