Host a server version of robotpy (with sim)

Robotpy sim (and maybe physics) remotely.

I was working on setting up one of my courses to use and was thinking, there is a lot we could teach some of our programmers remotely. I am wondering what the feasibility would be of setting up something like this with an install of

If it is possible, does anyone know what one would need to do it/ host it?

I have a few thoughts on where. itself (I do not think this is possible as it would need the C++ bindings).
S3? (We may use our credits pretty quickly)?
A Raspberry pi 4 or PC computer with port forwarding? (Probably would only allow one user at a time).

If this is possible, could someone point me in the direction of a resource to start figuring out how to do it?

Thank you.
~Mr. R^2

So from what I understand, you can’t install robotpy locally because you’re using something like a Chromebook or locked down computer?

It also looks like can install Python packages, so you could just go over to the dependencies tab and install pyfrc, although I guess if you did that you probably couldn’t actually run it, but you could try it and see what happens.

Thank you for your response.

I am running robotpy with no problems. However, I would love for my students to be able to experiment and learn how to build a full robot program from scratch. I do not know how to help them install robotpy on their computers (or if those who are interested have more than a Chromebook as you mentioned) so, I thought it would be wonderful to have a server like where my students could log in, make a robot (just using the code) and explore robotpy with challenges I make for them and lead them through.

When trying, I do not even get to import wpilib (which I cannot install to my knowledge).

    ERROR: RobotPy requires Python 3.6+```
Yet, I tried a repl with Python 3.6 installed.
So, perhaps this is a fool's errand.

If it does have a version Python 3.6 installed, it should work fine if you can install things. It seems likely would be running on linux – we have prebuilt wheels you can install. See

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Thank you. That helped a lot. I am closer. One of my errors was my stupidity. Since I do not control the computer, Pip defaulted to pip2. Once I figured that out, I still needed to use the linux wheels which installed fine. However, running robotpy introduced a host of other issues mostly related to how works (like trying to use pip to reinstall every import) I need some time to sort them all out. However, this has some potential.

For now I am going to focus on something easier like trajectories :). I am almost there too thanks to this community.
~Mr. R^2

If you want to use halsim-gui, it’d need OpenGL by my understanding. You could potentially write your own simulation plugin though to work around this limitation. Good luck.