Hostbot-Mounted Interface Plates for the Minibot

Has the GDC made any allowances for the sharing of hostbot-mounted interface plates for their minibot with regard to the restrictions of <R11> and <R81>?

I expect that most hostbots will have their own unique “mounting plate” (for lack of a better term) to interface with the minibot (to secure it during the match, align it with the post at deployment, and release it at the correct time, etc.). I know that is true in our case. However, I would also expect that I could easily attach our hostbot-mounted interface plate to many other hostbots, and then they would be able to deploy our minibot.

We are encouraged to lend & swap minbots. In fact, that is the only thing that counts toward coopertition score. However, Rules <R11> (hostbot weight includes all mechanisms) and <R81> (teams need to present all mechanisms for the hostbot during inspection) would appear to prevent the sharing of any hostbot-mounted interface plates, or at least significantly restrict it. Has anyone else looked into this?

I had intended to post this on the Q&A forum, but I can’t find my password (bah!). Perhaps if others have similar questions, they could present it to the GDC.


If you really want to reinspect every time, go ahead. I seem to remember the GDC answering something to that effect when asked a few weeks ago; too lazy to look it up right now.

Wayne, your password for Q&A is in your TIMS account.

There’s even more to the deployment device than your question brings up. Suppose 1918 and 85 decide to swap MINIBOTS to get some Coopertition points. Each team’s unique MINIBOT requires some kind of unique deployment device. Since each of you built a HOSTBOT with your own deployer, you now must meet the weight restrictions with the weight of both your deployer and 85’s deployer added together. See this paragraph in <R11> and the following blue box with some examples.

When determining weight, the basic ROBOT structure and all elements of all additional mechanisms that might be used in different configurations of the ROBOT shall be weighed together. Included in the weight limit are the robot control system, decorations, and all other attached parts.