Hosting Solutions?

I am currently rebuilding my team’s website after years of the team only occasionally having the time to give it any attention. Our hosting (currently Dreamhost) is coming up for renewal, and we’re considering moving to a cheaper alternative. Does anyone have any suggestions for a dependable and relatively inexpensive web hosting solution?

There is a ton of domain hosting companies, check out this thread

I wholeheartedly endorse Bluehost. I’ve worked with three different sites hosted there on different accounts, and they’ve all gone great. I really can’t argue with their results. And, a little while ago, I also ran a bunch of prices, and it was one of the cheaper hosting solutions (maybe $6ish/month with unlimited lots of stuff and a domain, IIRC). Anyway, I like Bluehost.

As for more information, try reading one of these threads. You’ll find some useful information somewhere.

Fun fact, EWCP uses github for our hosting. We are running octopress sitting in a repository on github with some cname trickery. Rock solid and pretty much secure (short of failings in github itself) because it is 100% static html pages.

Fast and easy too, it allows posts to be written in almost any format and I just need to have a task in there to render the html out from it.

However, I don’t suggest this route unless you have experience with ruby/git as it does require a bit of set up.

bluehost is awesome, cheap, fast, reliable, easy to use

Dreamhost is another awesome host that allows for the hosting of multiple domains on one account. It has great support and the features are outstanding. We have been using them for several years now. They also run ridiculous specials from time to time just watch for them.

Lots of good resources here, so I’m going to lock this thread. Go post there. :slight_smile: