Hot Dog

Ok, I’ll bite… :smiley:

What is a dirty water hot dog?

It’s another name for a hot dog from a street vendor, mostly in NY. The term comes from the water bath the hot dogs sit in for most of the day and by the end of the day the water is really dirty. Now that I’m talking about them…I really want one. :slight_smile:

I have a friend who went to NY this summer and he came back talking about the hot dogs from the street vendors. Said they were awesome.

B&K Coney sauce with cheese UNDER the hot dog. I don’t know if B&K is nation-wide, but you can make their coney recipe at home, and I tell ya what, it is THE BEST coney dog sauce of all time. Infact, I just had coney’s for dinner.

Ok, so I started this forum, but never put in my favorite. I like Louis Coney Island Conies. They are basic with the coney sauce, onions, and mustard. Now I wish i would have put more choices on the poll. :mad:

hmmm i like sauerkraut,mayo,cheese and bacon bits

Hot sauce

OK, Jane was on the right track with the blackened right off the grill. Although a true Chicago Dog will never put on ketchup, I always do. Sometimes I have to take the ketchup for my fries and add it to the dog myself. Super Dog on the Northwest side will not make a dog with the red stuff.

Mine at home will have ketchup, mustard, dill relish and dried onion flakes for a little extra crunch without the breath. A dog from Foxie’s/Dog Den will have Ketchup(when I add it) , Mustard, sweet relish (artificially dyed a strange psychedelic green), a dill slice (long way of course to fit the bun) a few tomato slices, kraut if you ask, celery salt and a few hot sport peppers.

I have had a Nathan’s dog in Las Vegas and I have got to say, not much for what they charge. What costs $4 at Nathan’s would get you two dogs all the way and fries in Chicago. (In Chicago it is not unusual to have fries included in the price, and some will wrap the fries in with the dog.) In Chicago you have to know what you are ordering since a “polish” is something completely different than a “dog” and will never be confused with an Italian Sausage (w/peppers of course). A Nathan’s style, I am sad to say, is served at any hot dog stand with dogs on the menu. A Super Dog however will get you a 1/2lb dog, cooked any way you like and on french bread if you want, with anything on it including chilli and cheese, or kraut. There is nothing like a Super on French.

I actually went 8 years without eating hot dogs because we had them so much when I was a kid. And they were almost always served with sauerkraut, which I absolutely hated! No offense to all of you sauerkraut loving FIRSTers out there, but YUCK! Of course, I HAD to eat it, rules of the house, you had to clean your plate, so I would hold my nose and swallow it whole. So yeah, since I associated hot dogs with kraut, I hated them.

I do eat hot dogs now, but only with ketchup and diced Vidalia onions.


In Mexico the street vendors sell hot dogs that are wrapped in a strip of bacon, then cooked. When you bite into it, the bacon tastes great! No ketchup, just fresh diced tomatoes and onions on top.

Great, now I have to find something to munch on…

When I went to Chicago to visit Loyola we passed the biggest hot dog stand I’ve ever seen. I don’t remember the name or where at, but I just thought it was weird.

Quad Cities doesn’t have much in the way of hot dogs. My girlfriend hates hotdogs but she will eat corndogs like they are nothing.

Which campus? Likely it was one of the Portillo’s around town. Great success story, they started in a roll around stand in one of the suburbs that had no running water. They were in one spot for so long the wheels had sunk into the tarmack of the parking lot where they were located. The owner kept saving his money until he bought a bigger place. Then a really big place for people to sit down and now I think there are about thirty stores including one in California.


Anyone who eats a hotdog with ketchup is a weenie.



Frankies, Frankies, Frankies…

For pb and J you have to start off toasting the bread.

Dutches (SP) A few local places in southern Connecticut. Get one or more hot dog(s) with Ketchup, brown mustard, cheese and bacon bits. Or you can go Blackie’s I think they are in Sothington (exit 26 off 84) but you get just mustard there they have their own recipe. Or in Newtown you got to Swanky franks there you load them up.

Blackie’s is in Cheshire near the Waterbury and Wolcott line. Thier birch beer is REAL good! :slight_smile:

Dutchess is good, I’ve been to a few of them along Rt 7 and 95.

Torrington, CT has Muck’s

Here Jay goes showing his New Jersey heritage, we called them “Texas weiners” in NJ. I have no idea why.

Libby’s in Paterson is good, Pappy’s in Totowa, and Sunrise in Little Falls, and all are within minutes of each other. My grandmother only lives a few houses from Sunrise and I would walk over there a bit when I stayed down there for a few days. :wink: Rutt’s Hutt in Clifton is also good along with Falls View in Pompton Plains.

The hot dog special at Chicago Carry Out on Harrison and Michigan is the only hot dog I will eat. Mtn. Dew, hot dog plain, and a whole lotta fries for crazy cheap. That and they serve it up in a minute and a half so you can ride the elevators from the 15th floor (the forgotten floor, it takes 15 mintues to get an elevator because only 2 of 6 go there) to the street, and then take the stairs back up in less than half an hour.

I ate Fratellos a lot while in elementary school, I don’t go there anymore though.

cole slaw
a bit of ketchup

and the hot dog must be grilled not burnt but just before burnt. Now that a hot dog.

The History Channel ran a hot dog doc (say that fast three times) last night. They mentioned an age limit called NK17 for no ketchup over the age of 17. If ketchup is good on dogs under 17 why must it stop there? If you like tomatoes, and ketchup is just processed tomatoes, then why not.

Guess the single location that served the most hot dogs last year with over 2 million served?

Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.