HOT ITEM: Qualifications Ranking program needed for FMS Lite


We are currently getting started at the CAGE Match here in Indianapolis. We have the full field electronics system, but it is not working (and we have Mark Koors, FTA, debugging it currently). We will shortly switch over to FMS Lite.

The one thing we need for FMS Lite is an Excel file that gives us an output of final qualification rankings once the qualification matches are finished. We will be able to run matches, but just not quickly figure out the rankings at the end of quals. So… instead of re-inventing the wheel (re-creating the ranking software), we are ASKING IF ANYONE HAS THIS PROGRAM.

So… is anyone on here who can provide an Excel file to help us with this ranking issue?

If so… please email me (and post here) at this address.

Andy Baker

Hi Andy,

It might be a little outdated but it’s better than nothing:

A spreadsheet that was used to calculate ranking for the 2008 game developed by mlombardo from 79. I am unfamiliar with the differences between 2008 and 2009’s ranking system, if there are any, but at least you have something better than hand calculations.

Make sure you rename the file from .doc to .xls to make it work.

Good luck finding better ranking software this morning!

Probably too late, but… (I was delayed a bit by a power outage (how often does that happen))

See Attached

QP = 2, 1, or 0 = Win, Tie, Loss
RP = Lower Score of the two alliances

No QP or RP for any single team if that Team is disqualified

Add 1000xQP to RP to get Combined Points

Sort by Combined Points to arrange teams into a 1…N ranking

Use Find (See Cell A50) to highlight any team in the schedule.

FRC Ranking for AndyB.xls (51 KB)

FRC Ranking for AndyB.xls (51 KB)