Hot swap swerve module

My team made our swerve drives hot swappable this year with a mishmash of connectors and i was wondering if any other teams have done something similar? we also put a mini CIM on the turn motor because my team only has 8 falcons and we wanted to use some of them for other things and we have a spare 5th module so we would not have enough. I have seen teams with a NEO and a falcon on a swerve drive but never something like what we did. if your team did any wacky things with swerve modules it would be cool to know!


I’d love to see some pictures or cad snapshots.

We use a Redline for the module angle. It’s plenty powerful, and with a low enough current limit there’s no real worry about it burning out. Definitely a lot lighter than a MiniCIM. We designed a custom module around the Redline though, it may be more difficult if you’re using a COTS module.

So, you can swap out swerve modules without turning the robot off and they just know which corner they get plugged into and all that? If so, that is cool.

we use swerve drive specialties and it works since both the falcon, mini cim, and NEO all have 2in bolt circles.

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