HOT Team - 5th Annual "Stay Dry Tri" triathlon race

The HOT Team would like to invite any interested mentors (or students) to participate in our 5th annual “Stay Dry Tri” triathlon race on Oct 6th.

This is a fund raiser for team, but this invitation is mostly to extend the invitiation to anyone that would like to come out and kick our butts in the race.

I believe we have at least 4 HOT mentors racing this year, along with a couple of Killer Bee (or former Bee) mentors that are joining us for a second year. Last year we had around 100 participants total.

Full Details for the race can be found here:

General details are a 5k Canoe Paddle / 10K Mountain Bike / 5K Run.

It’s a very fun and challenging event. This will be my 4th race and each year there are new goals to achieve.

If anyone is interested or signs up, let me know. Maybe we can arrange for a get together before or after the race.


PS - It’s not as hard as it sounds…

We actually had over 200 last year!

About 100 did the ‘team’ event (both people canoe, bike, and run), and about 100 did the ‘relay’ event (both canoe, one bikes, the other runs).

Early registration ends on Monday…

Wow, I didn’t realize how close this was to my house. I run this trail all the time, might be interested if I can find a relay partner who owns a bicycle. (I’m not very fast)