HOT Team Expo

Team 67 has received numerous requests from teams who want to know our secrets to success.

To meet the need, we are planning a HOT TEAM EXPO!!

We will be presenting the 2005 HOTBOT, our Chairmans Award submission, and our Animation. Students and mentors from our Engineering, Chairman, and Animation groups will answer questions.

Teams and individuals from teams in the Metro Detroit area (along with those in the area surrounding the event) are invited to this event.

Expo Info

What: HOT Team Expo!
Date: June 20, 2005
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Milford High School Cafeteria, Little Theater, and Large Group Instructional Area
Address: 2380 S. Milford Road Highland, MI 48357

Use this thread as a kind of RSVP area, so we can get a general idea of how many people will be coming.

Is there a specific reason it is on a Monday? Maybe a thing on a Saturday would attract more people? Just my thoughts.

It’s a good idea though. One thing I remember from playing trumpet in band (and from those lame basketball commercials of yesteryear) is that there is always somebody better than you and you should seek out their guidance in making yourself better.

What a great way for an inspiring team to continue to inspire.

I hope people don’t think that the only reason people will go to this is to win, and i hope people don’t think that winning (or wanting to win) is a bad thing…but that’s for another thread.

Is there any plan to videotape this expo so teams who don’t live in michigan and the surrounding area can view this expo?

I think it will be taped by our Chairman’s group, but it probably won’t be all that interesting on video. But, we’ll see how it turns out and we might do something like put out a video. At this point we’re still working on the format and activities.

Pat that sounds like a really cool event you guys are putting on. I wish I could get up there for it. 67 is a team that I and my whole team 1251 look up to as a great FIRST role model thanks. 1251 is from Florida and it would be a task getting up there. Good luck with it though and teams if u can go please do 67 is really a model team.

Some of the details for the expo may change slightly in the next day or so, I was a little quick to post the info. :rolleyes:
But for the most part, it should be accurate.

The info that is in my first post is correct, I added the rooms in which the expo will be held.

I’ll talk to my team about it, though I’m not sure If they’ll want to go.

Myself and one other mentor from team 5 will be comming.

So a total of 2 adults shal be showing up!

Thanks HOT for your support!!


Our team leader wishes for those attending to RSVP to her at

However, those who have posted that they will come, such as Matt and the other mentor, will still be counted.

Thanks guys! excited


Less than two weeks until the HOT Expo! (June 20, see 1st post)
If you or your team wants to come, please RSVP ASAP!!!
We don’t have many people who’ve done so yet, and we need more in order for it to be worthwhile.

I believe that representatives from Team 503 Frog Force will also be attending.

RSVP by any method:
Reply to the thread, PM me, email me, IM me, or email Lori Gleason!

maybe after you video tape it you can do like a video the outlines “the road to success” or whatever you would wanna call it, you could have like a host that does all the main interviewing and talking and you can outline what you did for the chairman’s award since you began, how you design your robot funding, animation tips and you could even throw in stuff that didn’t work or things that made you stand out, how you team is organized, team meeting and all that but you probaly don’t wanna go into depth that much, even if you made a powerpoint to post in the whitepages it may help like team 341’s team in a box video

really what needs to be done is to take a different team for each topic that has exibited outstanding qualities in the role

On behalf of the team 66 members that came, I would like to thank all of the HOT team crew for putting on a fantastic presentation of your work and giving us critical information that could indeed help our team and others to become even better than they are already. Have a good and productive summer and of course, good luck.