HOT Team Web Site

I’d like to get some comments on the HOT Team’s web site. I’ve been the webmaster since fall '03 and I’ve been working hard to get the site to a much more user-friendly and content-filled state.

No more giant oval button navigation!!(For those who remember… :rolleyes: )
See attachment… Use the wayback machine to see the improvement




i like the simple design it is very informative and easy to navigate. the one thing i saw was that maybe if you have some higher resolution graphics it might make the page more crisp…i really like the design though

just a question does your darpa team have it’s own site?

I think your site is very user friendly, however, the animated gifs don’t always work. I’m not a big fan of those in the first place. I’m 1152x864 and I have a scrollbar on the left frame. In my opinion, it’s too busy. I prefer VERY subtle animations, if any at all (something that happens every minute). Also, you don’t have a left border on your main frame, which is annoying to me. The white background with mainly black text is a little too generic. Navigation is very clear cut though, which I like. It’s not working now…might just be my connection. I do remember seeing a team photo on the home page, which I liked. Hopefully you’ll find some of this stuff useful.

We do not have a darpa team, the link is just there to show more robotics things. I should change that to be more clear.

About the colors, I have not yet come upon a site wide color sheme that matches the teams’ without being very painful to people’s eyes.

You definetely need a background color. That is the first thing I noticed. I like the site overall, but you might be interested in getting a better program for titles. I noticed some of the titles were just wordart, which looks a bit easy to me. I have a program named ProAnimator which does awesome 3-D titles. What program do you use to make your site? Dreamweaver? Go Live? Front Page? Otherwise, pretty good. Maybe not so many animated gifs. :]

Very nice navigation.

Looking at your important events section, it seems that HOT and Code Red Robotics had their team dinner on the same night and same time! (May 18, 6pm)

I use Dreamweaver for everthing, except the wordart titles, which do need improvement.