hot to design forklift?

currently i trying a forklift arm similar to the forklift crane in (automated storage and retrieval system)ASRS. can anyone help me with the design of the forklift? the forklift need to move forward in a short distance only. i really have no idea how to start . can anyone help me with a design pics or something? tq

Moving forward is not difficult, but moving up is the trick.

The image below shows how to make a ‘triple’ lift using one cable. All the attachments are pulleys except the one on the left-most (top) element. Pull the cable, the arms go up.

To move the whole assembly forward, use a pnuematic or hydraulic piston to slide it out, with a mechanism like you would see in a desk drawer.

fork.bmp (11.1 KB)

fork.bmp (11.1 KB)

If you will dig through the CD whitepapers there is a presentation on the topic.

where can i find the CD whitepapers?

Short distance motion is often done with a cam, especially since you’re likely to be using a motor’s rotation to do it. Rack and pinion gearing for slightly longer linear motion is the next choice to look at. Longer extension might be done with a looped cable and reel.

Take a look through the various mechanisms picture books. The ones made for the industrial revolution are helpful even if they are a hundred years old.

Not sure if this is the presentation referred to or not:

wow thats alot tougher than i thought. is there any simpler way of creating the forklift forward motion? i’m really newbie in these. tq