Hotel Costs

Hey guys,
I was wondering how much does a hotel cost in St.louis per night for worlds?

You’ll need to be more specific.
Staying at a Motel 6 in the bad part of St. Louis, or a 4/5-star hotel walking distance near the venue?

You can stay at an above-average hotel within walking distance and pay ~$140/night
Or you can drive from an airport hotel every day and pay around $70/night.
The cheaper rates at hotels closer to the venue usually sell out as the competition nears. Maybe that’s the case already.

St. Louis is generally a bargain compared to most of the country, especially NY and California.

I’m paying $273 @ $39 a night to stay at the Quality Inn by the airport via Hotwire. Last year through Hotwire I stayed @ the Extended Stay by the Airport for $32. That is very affordable. I would highly recommend trying them out.