Hotel Fun

Ok so what did you and your team do for fun in the hotel. Are team (Team Fusion 364) had a blast in the hotel how you ask a TOGA PARTY. Yes about half the team took there bed sheets and made them into togos’. We had alot of fun just sitting around in togos’. Sure we got in trouble but we had alot of fun. So what did you do in the Hotel to stay from going nuts with bordem.

a few kids on our team played a game we call human jenga. its like jenga, except with people lol. you put one person laying on the bottom. someone lies on top of them. then someone else on top. and it piles high until you cant take it anymore lol. we got about 5 people piled up until we fell over but it was fun… :smiley:

Hmmm, in Annapolis our team had over 75 feet of networking cable, 4 xboxes, 16 xbox controllers, 4 copies of Halo 2, and 3 nights in a hotel. You do the math. Thank god we were all on the same floor. :ahh:

Last year in Atlanta we had a four-on-four Halo tournament because the rooms had two TV’s each. That was really fun. When we were done with that we just plugged in the DVD Adapter and watched some movies. I love Xbox.

So far we have simply had many happy frolics at the hotel.

Traditionally in ATL, there is a large Floor Tag game at the Hyatt Regency. Just remember, if you plan to do large scale energy releasers like these, you need to have a good idea of which floors not to visit. Our group respects the floors that have team meetings on them and generally don’t visit those floors, or floors with non-FIRST people or FIRST people who are sleeping.

<3 - Genia

Yah, at one regional, we got back really late and some of the guys from one room were trying to contact my room. They called the wrong room, woke a non-FIRSTer up and lets just say they had a nice chat with security. The new thing this year for a lot of the guys on our team is playing poker.

One night in Atlanta me and my friend were just sitting there looking through the window. It was fairly late at night in downtown Atlanta Georgia. We saw one guy run a red light then 5 minutes later saw a guy do a U-turn and nearly got T-boned! …ahhhhh good times.

at Midwest i brought my x-box and me and a couple of my friends played gauntlet dark legacy on it. it was so fun.

Some of us tried to beat the elevator from the 12th floor to the basement by taking the stairs. Just to find out the stairway came to a dead end at the basement… :rolleyes: I’m not even trying that game at the Omni in ATL…That would make me REALLY dizzy!

well our team has meetings for a while…but afterwards team plays stomps while there is still light out…x box and ps2…and just hang out and talk

That is rather sketchy…although I myself am not a U-turn virgin! But c’mon who’s bright idea was it to put the median in front of the entrance to Tim Horton’s? I needed my coffee and we would have been late for the awards at GTR!

WOW You got me my coffee with Shyra? Thanks so much LOL!!! I needed that caffeine so much LOL

Twas no problem…I needed mine anyways. I can’t seem to go a day without at least 2 double doubles. Unfortunately, I now think Shyra and some of the other girls are afraid to be in T-man (my car) with me behind the wheel! I did what needed to be done…if the situation came up again I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well… I’ll tell you what not to do. We stayed at the Mariott Marquis(nationals) last year and some team below our floor decided they could reach a cable across the 50ft atrium. We were about 30-ish floors up. The team decides to tie a rock to the end of the cable and throw it across the atrium. Not only did they miss… but the rock came unattatched and fell 27-ish floors. I was watching with wide eyes. I have no idea where it landed but I had no intention of finding out. Nobody got hurt though, but I think they broke something. I wonder what people could possibly thinking when they do things like that. :confused:

GO 1403!!!

In vegas, there were two teams in our hotel, along with a female soccer team. but anyways. we duct taped one of our presidents and had him hopping around the floors. then we attacked the other team’s doors with duct tape and held them shut. we did make them posters saying we loved them and hoped there were no hard feelings because of the duct taping. lol. the posters had random food and candy on them. so yea, that was vegas for ya. in Phoenix, we had more fun on the bus and in the pool then in the hotel rooms. though there were some interesting convo’s on the phones. lol.

Although beating a 16 man Halo tournament or a texas hold em game is hard to beat, having a projector is pretty sweet. our team brought a PS2 and some things like Twisted Metal Black, Madden 2004, and a season of Family Guy episodes. Has anyone ever watched Family Guy on a 70 inch screen? wicked awesome :slight_smile: . and if we get bored of that we either go to the hot tub or just hang out and listen to music and eat pizza

Well back in the day when the National Competition was at Epcot our team stayed right in one of the Disney hotels. Now most Disney hotels have a really nice air conditioning system along with a ceiling fan. What we use to do was make a toilet paper chandalier.

Along with designing our own toilet paper chandalier, we encountered design disputes. It usually turned into a toilet paper fight. Believe me, trying to get rid of all that toilet paper before morning inspections was a challenge.

The Disney staff was baffled that we went through so much toilet paper in just a couple days.


Now that sounds like a good time! Something I will deffinately do in the near future.

In Vegas our fun was all of us in one room playing poker. Also going room to room just having fun, since we were the only team at our hotel. We would just randomly walk into someones room do some random things and leave.

one thing we did at peachtree was duct tape our back-up human player and locked him in his room… imagine what our team said when we came in for the team meeting… lets just say that the rest of the team better watch out for me and a good roll of duct tape at nats

The guys on our team had an x-box and a ps2, but I don’t know how much they used them. Between using the gym at 2 am and playing tennis against the wall, I don’t know how they managed enough sleep to keep them on their feet…

(Just for clarification, the tennis wall was the wall between team rooms; no non-FIRSTers were annoyed to the best of my knowledge.)

Other than that, we just watched movies.