Hotel Room Crisis For Atlanta

It just so happenes that our team underbooked, or some people suddenly decided to go along with us, we have one more person than our rooms can hold, is there anyone who is willing to share a room (possibly including costs.)

Please let me know if any of you guys are willing to help out. I will PM you as soon as possible.

Though I don’t think my team can add someone, let me help you in finding someone else.

Please post the following info -

  1. Which hotel you are at
  2. Whether or not an extra is a specific gender, and whether or not the extra is a student or adult. Both of these make a difference.
  3. How you will handle the situation if the team that offers is in a different hotel.

You might also try asking teams from your area, since there is already some familiarity.

There may want to be some mentor/adult telephone confirmation on team needs, etc.


I can’t resist… I hope they are a specific gender… I’m not sure what you do with a gender ambiguous team member… :stuck_out_tongue:

(yes I knew what she meant, but you have to admit it sounds somewhat comical)

We are staying at the marriot marcqett
Mentor probally accomponies student to diffrent hotel.

Anything else

Edit: o and it’s only one student

Nothing else, Jane had a good idea.

I’m glad they’re a specific gender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t they grab a good piece of floor?

George the Eng is a dog with a pretty pink tongue who is a ‘general nut case’
trying to help a force of freedom
and Genia is ‘tossing’ out ideas

it just doesn’t get any better than this…

I can get the student caption to call you, considering one of our mentors (main mentor) is MIA at this time.

Let me know if you guys need anything else

Why not rent a cot and put it into one of the rooms?

I’m not sure if this is the case in this situation, but unfortunately many schools limit the number of students that can occupy one room legally. I know for ours the limit is 4. It seems to me this would be the likely reason for them needing a place to stay, otherwise the floor, bathtub, chair, and just about any other available space in the room would work out just fine for most robotics students that I know.

Your right, it’s the 4 people per room limit.

I still haven’t gotten any response from anyone that is actually helpful.


On the contrary, you’ve had several helpful responses. You might be confusing “helpful” with “do my homework for me.”

I may have an extra room at the Hyatt which is right next door I will not know until tomorrow(Tuesday afternoon)
Might have a spot in room with students if nothing else

I take my last post back, Ive been through quite a few contacts of mine and nothing has happened, I realize that alot quite a few people on CD are trying to help me out, I not saying “Do My Homework” im asking if people are willing to help me out. or else this thread would have been named “Find me a room”.

I was just looking on a few websites and found that there are still some rooms avalable for $64 a night at the Cassleberry Inn (.5 Miles away from the Georgia dome SW). if someone is willing to split the costs, that would be a possible idea

Thank you all very much for the effort you guys have put in.

now, i don’t have a room to offer, but i too am looking for someone to share a room with,.

I am a girl, but i don’t mind sharing a room with a guy (don’t get any ideas)

we could share to bring the price down a bit.

I have a feeling that wouldn’t go over too well with many team leaders…


I’d recommend speaking to teams from your area. Toronto probably has quite a few going to ATL, and could probably add you in somewhere :).

I have you covered with team 1002. I PM’d you about the details.
We will see you Wed.

Thank you very much, to everyone who helped out in this situation, Wheeler, i sent you a PM with details.