hotels and transportation

hi, in the first email about hotels it said

The combination of great room prices, savings on transportation costs, and tickets to The FIRST Finale mean these packages offer a great value for FIRST teams.

However, on the website there is no transportation or the so called first finale package. Has anyone used this package? How are you’ll coming to Atlanta? are you flying, bus, etc? How much is it costing for the team?
Scroll down to look at the Championship packages. FIRST needs to link this.

The transportation costs referenced meant local transportation costs - all the hotels except the one Holiday Inn are within walking distance (depending on what you consider max walking distance - some of the hotels are nearly a mile away.) If you are flying, you can take the subway to downtown and be near your hotel, and then walk the rest of the time.

1188 is chartering an overnight bus; arrival sometime Wed am. The bus will be available during the stay; last year it was sometimes used to go to and from.