Hotels at Nats

Hey, everybody. Well, I hope we’re all getting excited. January’s right around the corner! :smiley: Anyway, as membership secretary of my team (870) I have been asked to research hotels and such that are as close as possible to the Georgia Dome. I’ve been searching, obviously. At the Hartford regional, our hotel was down the street from the Meadows Music Theatre, but the neighborhood was scary. I swear I heard gunshot from the next room. Needless to say, we don’t want another stay like that, but I’m curious. Does anybody else know where they will be staying?

Thanks for your help!

The team management system that FIRST uses will provide hotel arrangements for hotels that I’m guessing will either be within walking distance or will have shuttle buses running. I would suggest looking into that. If that doesn’t work, use a site like or or and have it find hotels close to the dome. I think the Dome’s address is 1 Georgia Dome Drive.

We are also researching hotels in Atlanta, in anticiaption of the release of the room reservation system.

If you need assistance with hotel selection for UTC this year, feel free to e-mail me as we are located just outside of Hartford.

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RAGE Team 173

Hey, Kathie

I wish we were going to UTC this year like we did last year, but we’re not. It’s kinda sad. We’re actually only doing one regional event. But i know we’ll see you and the rest of RAGE at SPBLI.

As for the FIRST provided list of hotels, it hasn’t come out yet and i was told by my advisors to just go ahead on my own and look. sigh another night in front of the computer.

RAGE will not be attending SPBLI this year, we have opted to try J&J Mid-Atlantic instead…

that’s so sad! I, for one, will be disappointed to not be competing with RAGE until Nationals. I know the rest of the team will be disappointed as well. Well, I guess we’ll see you all then!