Hotels: What is up with the Hilton?

So we are making our Championship Hotel Reservations and are wondering; why is no one picking The Hilton?

Now I understand it is a couple blocks further away but is that really all?

I look at the THS PDF:

And the Hilton has 535 rooms left for all the competition days.

It just seems odd as all the similarly ranked Hotels are almost booked solid.

Any ideas?

Team 228 was at the Hilton last year, and will be there this year as well. Except for the non-free Wifi, I don’t think we had anything to complain about, as the hotel was really nice. (At the Hilton you can actually get an elevator without having to wait twenty minutes!)

If you get the MARTA passes, then the Hilton is only a block away from the Peachtree Station, and the Georgia Dome is only two stations away. Using the subway and only walking a block or two at each end beats having to walk the whole way, especially when you are tired after a long day of constantly walking back and forth between the GA dome and the pits pushing a heavy robot cart. :wink:

I don’t know if it was related, but there was one hotel with intense water damage?

I know 2 years ago that was the Super 8… My room at the Super 8, actually!
But I think I remember hearing something about that last year, too… No clue where, though!

I don’t know where it was either, but it wasn’t the Hilton.

Team 1510 stayed at the Hilton last year, and it was a blast! They’ve got these three awesome elevators (they have more than 3 elevators…but theres 3 awesome ones), one goes through the middle of the hotel and has glass on one side so you overlook the lobby and random lobbies on upwards through the hotel, and the other two are on the “outside” of the hotel with glass so you can see the whole city from that angle. riding those 3 elevators late at night/really early in the morning was one of my most memorable parts of the trip :smiley: Also, they’ve got a little deli-type deal by the lobby, great place to grab breakfast on the run in the mornings. The walk to the Georgia Dome wasnt bad at all; in fact, the morning air really pumped all our spirits. Most importantly, they had Krispy Kremes at the deli-thing. Made the whole experience totally worth it :]

Our team loved staying at the Hilton our first year in Atlanta. The next year, we signed up a bit late (to say the least) and stayed at the Days Inn instead. This year, we will be at the Westin.

My only beef was that the Hilton staff did not seem to be pleased with the fact that many teams leave their doors open in the evening hours - on our team, it is a rule that the door must be at least propped open, if not completely ajar, if the room has both guys and girls in it (eg: during a team meeting, while watching a movie, while playing cards, etc).

In their defense, I’m sure that the dropping of parachute men (a handout from another team) into their oh-so-spacious atrium was not welcome, no matter how good of a physics lesson it was!

Whoa… Hilton for FIRST teams??? That’s gotta be expensive! Team 648 stays at Embassy suites which is a step below Hilton but owned by Hilton. We are not attenting The Championship though.

Team 1403 stayed at the hilton last year and we enjoyed it. They messed up our reservations so we all ended up getting bumped up into suites. The walk was not convenient for a group of 30, especially since everyone was exhausted. We are staying at the omni this year.

GO 1403!!!